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Although as a small entrepreneur, I could say husband has done (to date) extra miles to invent his own menu for his baby’s business.

Now, almost into 3 months of operation, the menu themselves are consists of things or stuff that he do it from scratch, which this is unlikely to what he had used doing at the early stage.

In short, if he’s about to prepare daily stock or prepping stuff before bringing them to the kiosk, everything will be done from scratch and raw and then breaded, marinated and frozen them properly before inserting them into plastic packs.

It’s not an easy job for him to do it alone though, but he’s managing it and adapting to it slowly Alhamdulilah.

Both pictures below are two menu where he breaded them himself.

It’s a thumbs-up menu and I rated it as 4 over 5 marks.

Keep it up, honey!

The only reason why our baby MrMamaFood is here, only the two of us know. Thus, let’s make it this happen, smoothly and ambitiously.


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