1H 2016

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Pejam celik, pejam celik …

(Wait, too cliche to start with something that has been repeated too many times)

Thus, let me begin with …

We’re about to enter the first half of the year.


It also indicates that we’ve another 6 months more to accomplish whatever targets that we’ve set the bar and points to achieve by end of this year.

I’m also included, in this regard and therefore amongst those is the development that I wish my son, Imran Imtiyaz could potentially do at his biological ability and year of birth (because these two have always been the factors for me to study his pattern and preferences).

And for this purpose, KinderKaizen has apparently become the first to come out with their approach and as always, I’m anticipated by all of their programmes and activities that very much likeable by my boy!


Yesterday (May 22), was a Parents-Teachers’ Meeting Day for Phonics Learning class. As you may aware, II has been attending the class consistently every Saturday ever since it’s launched back in January.

This is an awaiting event for me, cause I have been always asking and curious about his progress on learning phonics.

Since I’m alone with the kids from the beginning till the end of the session, to be honest, I was too knackered entertaining my kids’ ‘aggressiveness’ at the play centre but overjoyed knowing II has actually done some impressive progress as what I’ve expected from him.



‘Expected’ di dalam konteks ayat di atas kedengaran sangat tipikal for an Asian mother like me to have always such expectation in mind. Not just one, maybe tremendous number of them. Erk.

I am an Asian woman (obviously), a Malaysian mother in fact .. thus inilah yang sebenarnya mentaliti klise yang berkali-kali aku juga selalu mengingatkan diri to be as cool as I can be, towards my children’s growth milestone.

Sedangkan dalam konsep KinderKaizen itu sendiri juga ada memberitahu that we couldn’t really expect atau menjangka apapun jua perkembangan anak-anak ini boleh memenuhi syarat yang sudah kita (the parents) tetapkan untuk mereka.

In this case, rest easy, parents! Rest easy, jugak kau Abby oit!

What makes me too comfortable with KinderKaizen concept and team members is that their consistency in educating the parents over and over again, selagi berkesempatan dan berpeluang!.


Though I’ve attended few of their parenting classes before, another session with them last Saturday wouldn’t cost any harm for me to get refreshed.

Dan buat pertama kalinya juga, Nawal terpaksa ditinggalkan bersama KinderKaizen teachers yang ada, while I went to the upper level to attend the briefing.

Pertama kali juga rasa impressed, teruja dengan anak sekecil itu mampu bawa diri macam burung yang dilepaskan bebas dari sarang sahaja gayanya ha! KinderKaizen is definitely born for a precious child like Nawal Najah too, wehoooooooooooooooo!


In short, I am satisfied with II’s first half, as well as mine in the working field. The first half that is super blessed with small achievements that last thousands of memories for us to remember.

Now, II is having his assessment week at his Little Caliph kindy. There’ll be one day exactly the same like we had last Saturday.

But hey, who really cares?

II has already impressed me, enough! Hiks!



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