To Forget IG Soon?

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  • This isn’t a review.

At least, not a paid one apatah lagi disuruh-suruh oleh sesiapa untuk melakukan, but I’m doing this at my willing to spread all good news that I’ve gained and learnt to date.

So as for this time, there’s a new app in town, which is really NEW to me.

Quite happening, soon-to-booming and pretty brilliant for us to venture cause we’re indirectly trained to be creative and tend to do extra miles to display best pictures and storylines that you have in mind.

Sounds appealing enough? 😄



Pernah jugalah sejarah tercipta sebab one of the story I did reach higher viewership daripada kebiasaan (so far that’s my personal record, that’s the best dan termampu) yang entah bila boleh berulang lagi 🤓

To me, why Steller is in the picture now is because … it try to tell us that our smartphones can do more than serve as our cameras or a quick way to post images to social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Our smartphone are way capable of being creative devices. So if you think your creativity isn’t channeled good enough, give Steller a try.

Tentang sejarah kewujudan Steller ini, silalah Google untuk kesahihan dan kefahaman sendiri. Salah maklumat, salah pula pembawakannya. But as you know its background, am sure you’ll fall for it straightaway!


There’s no specific aim why I do Steller, except for my passion and ability in capturing pictures. Masih berlabel amatur, of course.

I mean, this is the only way I can ease my stress and yeah, to show a little bit of the talent in narrating stories (walaupun not at all bagus dalam penyampaian cerita gaya ringan begini, but will slowly learn how to do it, for sure).

Yang penting, I have tonnes of pictures yang sayang kalau tidak diabadikan di mana-mana. Internet juga senang jadi bahan rujukan anak cucu cicit nanti nak lihat apa yang kita buat hari ini, kan?

So I did a few and enjoying myself stumbling it. Memang semacam berkobar dan meluap-luap rasa untuk sentiasa update dan come out with any new stories each day.

Apakan daya, belum mampu dan belum juga berupaya untuk aktif 5 Stellers sehari (mungkin) sebab ada sahaja kerja-kerja hakiki yang selalu menanti. Suatu kekangan yang hellyeah, kalau boleh dapat escape sekurang-kurangnya barang seminggu dua juga .. lebih dari yang terbaik dan MENARIK, akaun Steller kakak ini mampu berfungsi. (Puiiii!)

Another nice feature about this Steller juga adalah challenge-challenge tertentu yang diwujudkan bagi memangkin lagi aktiviti kreativiti di kalangan sesama account members. There’ll be days where you are encouraged to do #stellerhero #stellerplaces #stellermom and many more!

Dare to be challenged?!

To me, trying will bring no harm. Kalau suka, please give it a try!

Afterall, IG is already overrated … don’t you think? 😜


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