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Ke mana pergi #abbythejourno?

Ada sahaja di sini.

Genap memasuki tahun ke-10 tahun ini, memang ada banyak hal berkecamuk dalam kepala. Fikir macam-macam dan banyak sangat nieh memang sejenisnya Nabilah Saleh.

Tetapi bukanlah sesuatu yang tidak OK sahaja yang kena dikongsikan, betul?

Masuk tahun ke-10, dan saya tetap di sini. Dan masih di sini dan mungkin akan terus di sini. Pada sesiapa yang mungkin tahu ceritanya, you’ll definitely happy knowing it – the “active” me outside of my routine and daily work as the journalist.

I’m adding value to myself through many channels, ways and platforms wearing “that” different hats and shoes.

Alhamdulilah for the time being, though it has always never been easy for me.

Selalu sahaja bertanya kepada diri sendiri; when can I actually stop and do almost nothing other than reading my favourite book on a hammock?

Susah betullah nak jawab soalan tu sekarang.

But this is me checking-in my emotions with you today.

Also, if I were to choose a picture to describe my feeling and thought today, here would be the one:

Mesmerised by this image a lot for the past 2 weeks!

Signing off now, June 3, 2022.


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